What is IoT bringing to education? | PaperHelp Review

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What is IoT bringing to education? | PaperHelp Review

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What is IoT bringing to education? | PaperHelp Review


IoT technology will be present in our lives more and more. What kind of innovations is taking place in the university environment thanks to this technology? That's what we'll find out today in this and other expert paper help review articles.
Internet of Things (also known as IoT), is making it possible for college campuses to transform into smart campuses. In addition, as higher education moves beyond the boundaries of the physical campus to distance education, modern networks of intelligent devices become even more critical.
What is being done with this technology in the university world?

We understand IoT to refer to:

Smart devices that are capable of sending and receiving data, with sensors and actuators capable of performing some action.
The necessary communications infrastructure.
The software programs are capable of coordinating and providing intelligence to the systems.
Therefore, we will leave out digital e-learning tools and learning management systems, which some categorize as IoT solutions, but which, technically, are not.

Some of the most interesting initiatives involving IoT in Education are:

Interactive whiteboards: Modern interactive whiteboards allow teachers to present multimedia lessons, display student projects and presentations, and facilitate collaborative problem-solving activities.

Campus monitoring and control: Two-way communication that can include lighting, ventilation, air conditioning, space occupancy, presence, energy consumption, CO2 emissions, security, access control. Regarding presence monitoring, recent advances in wearable IoT (wearables), could revolutionize the way faculty members track attendance and location on campus of their students. With appropriate measures to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Smart campuses: Combining IoT with other technologies such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing, smart campuses are serving as test labs for many smart city projects, as universities are ideal environments to develop and test IoT initiatives and a campus can be considered a miniature replica of a city in terms of mobility, suppliers, building management, garden and park management, electricity, water, telecommunications and other supplies, waste management, etc.

Universities are drivers of IoT projects, often in the cities where they have their campuses. As an example, the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) collaborates with the City Council of Santiago de Compostela in the framework of the SMARTIAGO initiative. These innovations in the education sector have led to new methodologies being proposed.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that it is from universities, through their undergraduate and graduate study programs, from where professionals prepared to tackle complex IoT projects are emerging.

But it should be reminded the education development process involves not only the creation of innovative breakthrough technologies, which is great, but also the development of unique tools, applications, and methods for the education process. One such project is PaperHelp. You will find this platform helpful and exciting if you are a student. Thanks for reading this article!

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