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Affordable & Professional Academic Assistance

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This year there was a wide conversation about the school district plan for school reorganization. A special group of members of the city was collected to convey the opinion to the school council. Initially, the target group created three options for discussion and then narrowed them to one that needs to be taken to the board. Then the council will consider this recommendation and make the final decision.

I recently met with inspector Todd Abramson and discussed plans for new schools. He told me that the target group had reached a consensus on the construction of a new K-5 school, school 6-8 or secondary school reconstruction, as well as high school repairs. He added that "high school can be in a variety of seats, but the best option is to place it as close as possible to high school so that high school students are easier to gain access to high school classes." Some places of the new building 6-8 are RC Industries, a high school and a plot of land where Iowa Telecomm was once located. Mr. Abrahmson also added that "previously the target group discussed the possibility of transferring sports grounds and placement of high school there," he added, "but the cost of this would be unjustifiably great."

The new high school will not be the only one that will affect high school thanks to the new plans. Another basic plan that will affect high school is its reconstruction, which costs about $ 15 million. The main cost focus will be on the new HVAC central system. Mr Abrahmson explained that "there are two editing services in high school through the construction of a new wing, but one central heating, ventilation, ventilation, and air conditioning system would be more economical." Another addition included in the cost of repair is new tennis courts that are planned to be put in an unknown place. Mr Abrahmson said that tennis courts are too poor so that they can only be updated and they are in dire need of repair. He also added that the courts will most likely be located on the open site near the softball fields so that "the courts can get lighting in addition to all other sites."

Schools should be built according to a plan in several stages, which, according to Abrahmson, can take "up to ten years". The first priority will be the K-5 elementary school because a lot of money is lost to financing 3 different buildings instead of one central building. The next priority will be new tennis courts because of the terrible state of covering the current tennis court and the lack of available seats. The next priority will be the repair of high school or new 6-8 schools, and finally, high school repairs.

Last year, the school district lost 73 children and lost $ 480,000 (Abrahmson). With new schools and funding received from one campus, you can add new programs, which will lead to an increase in attendance. Mr Abrahmson says that this growth cycle is "everything for children and for the improved area."

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