Pierre Laplace

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Pierre Laplace

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Pierre Laplace

Pierre Simon de Laplace (1749 - 1827), French mathematician and astronomer - do my html homework . Pierre Simon de Laplace made important contributions to the fields of higher analysis, probability and celestial mechanics. For example, in his work "Theorie analytique des probabilites", published in 1812, he summarised the knowledge of probability theory at that time.

Biographical data

Pierre Simon de Laplace was born on 28 March 1749 in Beaumont-en-Auge (France). His parents probably farmed and traded in wine. After attending school, Pierre Simon de Laplace entered the Jesuit College at Caen at the age of 16 in order to later take up a clerical profession. Two mathematics teachers succeeded in getting him particularly enthusiastic about their subject - homework help geometry . He obviously made such progress that he was increasingly less their pupil than their friend and they sent him to Paris in 1768 with a letter of recommendation to D'Alembert. Here Laplace became a teacher at the military academy and in the 1980s also taught Napoleon, among others.

Since 1773 Laplace was a member of the Paris Academy and thus had a secure livelihood, which at the same time gave him the necessary freedom for scientific work. It is not known that Laplace was politically active during the French Revolution. Apparently he had withdrawn to the countryside with his family in order to be able to work as undisturbed as possible. After the founding of the Ecole Polytechnique, Laplace received an appointment as professor of mathematics - homework help geometry . At the same time, he was chairman of the commission for weights and measures and thus played a decisive role in the introduction of the decimal system of weights and measures.

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