Prepare math and science subjects

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Prepare math and science subjects

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Preparation of the eye of the fourth hadith lesson The dream of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, Hadith 2 subject to the course system
General Objectives of Modern 2 Courses System:

Contribute to reaching the goals of training coverage within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from secondary education, along with strengthening the Islamic religion through which the researcher's view of the universe, man and lifestyles within the world and the hereafter.
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تحاضير 1443
تحاضير عين جاهزة
تحاضير عين

Strengthening the values ​​of citizenship and social values ​​of the student.

Contribute to providing beginners with the appropriate amount of understanding and useful abilities, in parallel with systematic planning that takes into account the characteristics of female students at this level.

The overall development of the researcher's personality; Diversify the academic reports submitted to them.

Help provide beginners with the right degrees of useful information and abilities, aligned with scholarly making plans that take into account the characteristics of students new to this degree.

All-round personal development of the learner; Diversify the educational fun offered to them.

Reducing lost time and expenses by reducing repetition, stopping school, and the consequent psychological, social and financial problems until now, and not repeating the entire school year.

Minimizing and paying attention to the evidence that the learner researches in one semester.

Develop the learner's ability to make the right choice in his future with the aim of increasing his self-confidence and his hobby in school and education as long as they notice in accordance with their choices and abilities and within the school they need.

Improving the level of general performance and internal behavior by accustoming the learner to seriousness and perseverance.

Teach basic talents with the intent to allow him to meet the needs of real and experienced lifestyles using aptitude training courses to be studied by all learners.

Achieving the principle of mastery and mastery by acquiring diverse knowledge of strategies and techniques that give the learner the ability to research, innovate, and think creatively.

It develops self-confidence in the foundations of the Islamic Ummah, strengthens its affiliation with it, and believes in its unity of all races and forms on the path of reforming its glory and benefiting its sovereignty within the world.

It relates to the records of his Islamic state and civilization, knows the biography of the Messenger (may God bless him and grant him peace) and takes it to imitate it and benefits from the behavior of our righteous ancestors in many aspects. of lifestyles.

To be a righteous person dedicated to the morals, teachings and values ​​of Islam.

To belong to the original homeland, have insights into their long glory in the light of Islamic civilization, realize their geographical, natural and financial advantages, and know how to invest and preserve them.

Develop skills to deal with many acquire knowledge of sources and the present age and information and certainly use them in a reasonable life.

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