Textbooks for Online Courses - Where to Shop

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Textbooks for Online Courses - Where to Shop

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Virtually every online course will require a textbook purchase of some type. Some courses in fact may require several books. With the costs of a single text often topping $100.00, it is imperative that students shop around for the required texts assigned to a class. Though every book will be available at that student's college bookstore, students will often write my essay in 3 hours find that it is the most expensive place to purchase a textbook. Another aspect to think about when purchasing is whether to buy new versus used. Options exist for both new and used purchases depending on your resources and your view of the text to be acquired. If the course is in a student's major and the book could serve as a potential resource for future courses or for career work, students should consider purchasing the new text as they will likely want to keep the book for several years to come. If the course is outside a student's major then consider purchasing a used text then reselling the book later.

The Major Sellers

The first places to go are the large national chains such as Barnes and Noble® or Borders®. Barnes and Noble® even offers a tab at the top on their web site devoted to textbook buying and selling. The site is very user friendly and you can search for your book by author, title, keyword or by the ISBN number. If you are thinking that you may not want to keep the college essays for sale text after completing the course, Barnes and Noble® also repurchases texts and will pay for return shipping Another national option is a site called eCampus.com. This site is dedicated to various items that students need while in college and includes other sale items in addition to books. The eCampus.com site also allows for the same kind of category searching as Barnes and Noble® and like the major retailer will repurchase texts from students and pay for return shipping.

Consider Small Sellers or General Sales Web Sites

Other options to consider are Textbookz.com or the general portals such as Amazon.com or even eBay.com. In fact, many students find eBay.com to be one of the best options for used texts, as students attempt to get a larger return on their original investment by reselling their books themselves. You may event want to consider this sale option yourself when you are finished with a text rather than returning it to one of the major sellers. The bottom line is to shop around. Stories circulate of one student finance homework help purchasing their biology textbook for $160.00 while another student in the class purchased the same book for less than half that figure. On the Textbookz.com you can even specify a price range to see if they might have a copy of the text that beats the price you have been quoted. However, sometimes a text is so obscure that a major site might not offer that specific book so the only real option is the textbook store that is affiliated with your respective university.

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