How to effectively teach children to learn letters

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How to effectively teach children to learn letters

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Sing songs about the alphabet:
Surely you already know the song about the English and Vietnamese alphabets. Those will be the perfect tools for you to start teaching children to learn letters. Because cheerful melodies have a certain effect that makes children easily attracted, from which children learn words quickly and remember them longer. You can search for them in the form of lively and colorful videos to keep children interested!
How to teach children to learn letters through word unscrambler / word puzzles:
Alphabet games can be easily found at toy or stationery stores. Or more simply, you can make them yourself at home. You just need a large iron board and the letters have a magnet attached. You can ask your child to put the letters in order based on a few suggested letters in the middle, or name the letters and ask them to put them on the board.
Open a new 'alphabet box' every week:
Another way to teach children to remember letters for a long time is to open a new "alphabet box" with them every week. Each week you will open a box with your child that contains objects that begin with the letter of the week. For example, with the letter "C", you put in the box objects or pictures of animals that start with the letter "C".

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