The Importance of Aptitude

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The Importance of Aptitude

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What are the requirements for attending a capacity test?
1. Early registration of the test by paying the financial return for entering the test and booking a seat on a specified date by telephone or the Internet.
2. Come to the test center on the date you register.
3. Success in the second or third grade is secondary, and you must bring proof of this
4. Bring the origin of the civil status card (for Saudis), the origin of the passport and the residence photo (for non-Saudis).
الرخصة المهنية للمعلمين
Does the capability test require the use of a calculator?
The test does not require complex calculations, it adopts easy numbers that are performed mentally or manually, so the calculator is not allowed to be used in the test.
قياس قدرات

What universities and colleges require testing of public capabilities in Saudi Arabia?
Universities and colleges requiring the testing of general admission capacity in the academic year 29-1430 Ah are:
- All Saudi universities
- All military colleges
Health colleges of the Ministry of Health
- King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University of Health Sciences of the National Guard
- Prince Sultan Community University
[url=]الرخصة المهنية

Teachers' colleges
- Some technical colleges of the General Foundation for Technical Education and Vocational Training
- Faculty of Communications and Information in Riyadh
- King Fahd Medical School of Medicine
- Al-Yamamah Community College
Riyadh College of Dentistry and Pharmacy
- Al-Baha Community College of Sciences
- Jubail Industrial College
Ministry of Higher Education missions
Institute of Technical Studies of the Air Force
- Institute of Technical Training at the Civil Aviation Authority
Training institutes of The Saudi Electricity Company
- Saudi-Japanese Automobile Institute
- Aramco Training and Scholarship Programs
- SABIC training and scholarship programs

Q13: What weight is given to the general capabilities test?
The weight given to the admissions abilities test is estimated by universities and can vary from university to university, but weight often ranges from 30% to 40% and the rest to the high school ratio and achievement test if conditional.

How long does the general capacity test last?
The validity of the test is three years.

How long does the collection test last?
The validity of the collection test is one year.

I am a student studying outside Saudi Arabia.
In the event that the test periods conflict with studying abroad or the student returns to the Kingdom after appointments, the center arranges for these cases, after confirming their excuses, an alternative appointment after the second period so that they can apply to universities. After arriving in the Kingdom, the student can check with the centre and bring the official excuse.

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