Rethinking Factions in New World

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Rethinking Factions in New World

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In the dynamic world of New World, where factions play a crucial role in the player experience, there's an emerging sentiment within the community calling for a reevaluation of the faction reward system. A specific proposal has gained traction among players, suggesting that all items in the faction rewards should be purchasable solely with faction points, eliminating the New World Coins need for an additional gold cost.

Faction Rewards: Balancing Points and Gold

Current System Overview:
Currently, faction rewards in New World often come with a dual currency requirement—faction points and gold. Players need to spend both these resources to acquire coveted items, creating a hybrid economic model that intertwines in-game currency and faction reputation.

Proposal: Simplifying with Faction Points:
The community proposal suggests a simplification of the system, advocating for the removal of gold as a currency in faction rewards. Instead, players would exclusively use faction points to purchase items, albeit at an increased cost to maintain balance.

The Case Against Gold Sinks:

Unnecessary Economic Drain:
Many players argue that the gold requirement for faction rewards serves as an unnecessary economic drain. With New World already featuring various gold sinks, such as housing, crafting, and trading, adding faction rewards to the list might be exacerbating the strain on players' finances.

Faction Loyalty Focus:
By removing the gold component, the focus of faction rewards would shift entirely to faction loyalty and participation. This change could encourage more players to engage actively with their chosen factions, fostering a stronger sense of community and camaraderie within the game.

Potential Benefits of the Proposed System:

Simplified Player Experience:
Streamlining the currency requirements for faction rewards would simplify the player experience. Removing the dual currency system could make it easier for players to understand and engage with faction mechanics, especially for newcomers to the game.

Increased Faction Participation:
Without the gold cost, more players might be inclined to actively participate in faction-related activities. This increased engagement could result in a more vibrant and competitive faction landscape, adding depth to the player-driven political and territorial dynamics.

Balancing Faction Point Costs:

Adjusting Point Costs:
To maintain balance in the economy and prevent inflation, the proposal recommends increasing the faction point cost of items by 2-3 times their current value. This adjustment aims to ensure that acquiring faction rewards remains a meaningful accomplishment while still aligning with the simplified currency model.

Fine-Tuning the Economy:
AGS (Amazon Game Studios) would play a crucial role in fine-tuning the economy to accommodate this proposed change. Regular monitoring and adjustments could be implemented to maintain a healthy balance between faction point rewards, player engagement, and the overall in-game economy.

Community Engagement and Iterative Development:

Listening to Player Feedback:
The New World community's voice is a powerful factor in shaping the game's evolution. AGS has an opportunity to listen closely to player feedback, conducting surveys and engaging in open forums to understand the community's sentiments regarding faction rewards and potential changes.

Iterative Development Approach:
Implementing changes to the faction reward system aligns with an iterative development approach, where adjustments are made based on player experiences and preferences. AGS has demonstrated a commitment to evolving New World, and this proposed adjustment could be a significant step in that ongoing journey.

As New World continues to evolve and adapt to the dynamic player base, the proposal to streamline faction rewards by eliminating gold costs is gaining traction. The potential benefits of a simplified system focused on faction loyalty are evident, offering a more straightforward player experience and encouraging increased faction participation.

As the New World community rallies around this proposal, it remains to be seen how AGS will buy New World Gold respond to the call for change. The fate of faction rewards and their impact on the game's economy lies in the hands of both developers and players, highlighting the collaborative nature of the evolving world of Aeternum.
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